(Successful Shopping), 4 simple tips.

We all need to go shopping occasionally.

However most of the time we don’t end up buying the things we need, we end up getting things we don’t need. It’s time that you learn the difference between “shopping” and “successful shopping”.

These days the biggest problem with shopping is that we have an overwhelming amount of choices, and not exactly knowing what you really need, or why we need it.

Our 4 shopping tips will help you buy better things, save time, and save money.

1. Know what you need.

Never go out shopping without knowing exactly what you need. This is a prelude for wasting money on shit that you do not actually require, and will probably never use. Decide what it is you need to buy before leaving your house. You should only go out shopping with a clear, specific list. This will also help you save time as you can plan out exactly where you need to go based on what you need to buy. Wandering around pointlessly in a mall is a waste of time and energy. You could rather spend that time doing something fun and meaningful.

2. Research.

This is particularly important, and must be applied to everything you buy, not just large purchases. Firstly a fact to understand is that most sales assistants at shops don’t really know much about the products they are selling (at the best of times). Their product knowledge (if any) is what the box says. Combine this fault with the fact that they know absolutely nothing about you, your life, or your needs, you are left with a recipe for being sold junk you are not going to use. Sales assistants are marketers, their job is to make you spend as much money as possible in their store. Nothing more, nothing less. So we say, ignore them.

The internet is a valuable tool, use it! There is no shortage of online information, reviews and advice about any product you can think of. Proper research will help you decide what the best product is for you, where you can buy it, and most importantly how much it should cost (so you know if the retail price is fair or not)

3. Don’t hesitate.

Now if you follow the process of “properly researching” items before you buy them, you will find yourself in a situation where you become extremely meticulous about what you want to buy. This is great because it results in you making smarter high quality choices. Unfortunately it also means that it becomes harder to find things, as most retail outlets cater to the un-informed masses and not you (the person who knows exactly what they need). When you happen to see something that you are looking for, in a store or online, and the price is right buy it immediately. If you procrastinate and think “I’ll get it another time” it won’t be there. And you will probably never find it again. So in simple terms, be decisive, confident and efficient in your shopping tactics.

4. Don’t buy it.

Ok so at this point you have convinced yourself you need something, you have researched it high and low, you have gone out and found it, now it is in your hands and you are about to buy it.



Do I actually really need this?

Is it going to add value to my life?

Am I buying this because I need it or because society has led me to believe I need it?

How did I survive before it?

Will I survive without this?

Buy things that add not subtract. Think about how that thing will make your life better and make you better. Just think.