Why censorship is a crime against humanity

As any successful artist, filmmaker, and entrepreneur will tell you, making things is extremely hard work.

In addition to costing time and money, making things requires something that very few people posses, talent.

Now when a country / organisation or group comes along and censors content they are not only hacking, destroying, and devaluing someones hard work and artistry, but they are stripping viewers of their basic freedom of choice.

We are all unique, we value different things, and hold different belief systems. And we all have our own tastes. In the modern world the idea of another person dictating and deciding what is acceptable for you to see or read or witness is nothing less than pure oppression.

People are not forced to watch things, they are not forced to go places. We do the things we do because we make a conscious choice to do them. Plus, if something offends you… Ignore it. Don’t engage with it, don’t invite it into your life.

If you are a deeply religious person then don’t go and fucking pay money to go see Jim Jeffries or Jimmy Carr live, because they will offend you. Simple solution to the problem…

Who are you to now go and now prevent the rest of your society from ever seeing one of these acts?

The keyword of “your beliefs” is that they are yours, they are not mine.

Your beliefs are your beliefs don’t you dare try force them upon me or any one else for that matter.

Forcing your values upon me and trying to decide what I am and am not allowed to see is nothing short of a crime against humanity.

If you find something offensive that is your fault not mine, just get the fuck over yourself and don’t watch it.

If I want to watch midgets fucking each other that is my choice, NOT YOURS!