Why you should quit your job & become a hippie

It’s time to quit your job & become a hippie, because let’s face it, your life sucks.

Why else would you be reading a blog post about quitting your job to pursue an alternative lifestyle?

Now the reason your life sucks is because you are not in control. For the most part you have next to no say over how you spend you days, what time you get into bed, what time you wake up and how much money you get paid. You follow the rules, and do what you have been lead to believe is correct.

Society is the way it is because someone at some point made it that way. They decided what an “acceptable” career is, where and how you should work, what times you should work, what days you should work, who you should marry, how many kids you should have, where you should live, and where you should shit. The sad fact of the matter is that, these constructs were created by people. People who were no wiser, or no more educated, then you are now!

These norms have been in place for decades, the world is a changed place. Times change very fast, things that where relevant 10 years ago, are obsolete today. Your alders can’t help you, they are VCR’s in a VOD world.

The reality is, you are dying, we are all dying, yet the world is a big beautiful place. If you spend 5 days a week locked in an office from 9 to 5, and get 3 weeks leave per year (if you lucky), how much of this world will you actually see before you kick the bucket?

If you thinking to your self, “I’ will travel when I retire”, that’s a horrible idea. In fact that is about as dum as saying, “I will save up sex till I’m 65”.

Today it is possible for anyone to do or be anything, from anywhere, as long as you are connected to the internet. There are thousands of people who make their living (most of them a very high living) by doing their own thing on their own terms. Think of all the bloggers, the YouTubers, the photographers, the tech entrepreneurs, the artists, the producers. You might be under the delusion that “oh that’s just 1 in a million” and a few years ago you where right, but today it’s not. There is a massive global shift, of people moving from formal employment to self employment.

To be honest, financially you will not see an incentive at first, because nothing new makes a lot of money at the beginning. But what I guarantee you will see from day one, is a 100% improvement to your body and your mind. As every successful entrepreneur the world over has ever said, if you are happy and giving your all to something you love and are passionate about the money will follow.

Before you quit your job have a plan, or at the very least, know what it is you love and want to do. This has been a very hard one for me, I have never known what it is that I want to do. I have always been a creative in some way shape or form. I know that the one thing I want to do is not one thing at all. My passion is creating, I have stopped drawing lines between what that entails. My life is making art, designing, making music, making food and writing this blog. I don’t see a diferance between any of these things, for me the outcome is always the same, I am creating something from nothing. The median I use is almost irrelevant.

Before you become a hippie, don’t become a hippie (unless that is your dream, then by all means go for it). I’m using “hippie” as a metaphor for “the thing that will make you truly happy”. Your goal in life is to go to sleep at the of a day and be able to say to yourself, “l have no regrets about what I did today”. As I said above, time’s limited, we are not getting younger, now is your time.