Five People Who Want To Thank Our NHS

Overworked. Understaffed. Underpaid. Three words that are all too often associated with working for the NHS. Yet, despite the undoubted pressures placed on our healthcare system, NHS staff continue to provide the British public with a level of care that’s amongst the best in the world.

Here are five people who want to say thank you to the NHS staff that supported them when they needed it most.

Have you been inspired by the care given to you or a loved one by NHS staff?Let us know in the comments below, or get in touch via Facebook or Twitter.

1. Ranjit Ghag: Ambar’s Flying Stars

On the 12th November 2014, Ranjit’s three year old daughter Ambar was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia. “Our lives turned upside down and to say we were heartbroken is an understatement.”

Ambar was transferred to Sheffield Children’s Hospital the same day to start her long Chemotherapy treatment and, just two months later, she went into remission.

“I don’t think I have ever appreciated or recognised how much time, effort, care, support and work the NHS staff do and how little we really value their help and expertise” Ranjit explains, “The staff at Sheffield Children’s Hospital became a 2nd family to us, they really deal with each child as if they were their own. ”

To say thank you, Ranjit took part in a skydive along with her husband and best friend to raise money for Sheffield Children’s Hospital.

2. Danny Davies: #Running4Spud

After their son, Spud, was born sleeping in 2013, Danny and his wife Clare wanted to give something back to the Maternity Unit at Bolton Royal Hospital to say thank you. They rallied a team of family and friends and set out #Running4Spud.

Since this date they have had three further miscarriages and, although devastating, Danny describes the staff at RBH as ‘second to none’. “We cannot thank them enough for the support and care we have received. We have never felt like just a number, but as part of the family.”

Their story does have a happier ending: Clare is now well into her third trimester.

“Thanks to Bolton Maternity Unit we are in a position we never thought possible. It hasn’t been plain sailing, but with the excellent services provided we are closing in on that wonderful date.”

Danny is #RunningForSpud in the Malta Marathon on 28th February.

3. Simon Valentine: Annabelle’s Neonatal Care

Annabelle was born very premature. She was 12 weeks early and weighed a mere 2Ibs 12oz, so her parents found themselves “thrust into the scary world of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.”

“Nothing prepares you for seeing your tiny baby covered in wires and tubes”, remembers Simon. “She had good days and bad those first few weeks: it was a daily rollercoaster of different tests, scans, constant information to be taken in.

One of the most difficult days was when she had to be rushed to Great Ormond Street Hospital as she needed heart surgery, but we finally took our little Annabelle home on 24th September, 2 days after her due date.”

Annabelle continues to have eye, hearing tests , heart and kidney scans and various other monitoring, but all appears normal so far.

“We are forever grateful to the neonatal nurses, doctors and consultants. We are so lucky to have the NHS, but the unit continues to always need more money for equipment, more nurses, etc. That’s why we wanted to do something positive for Annabelle’s first Christmas by asking our friends and family to give as much or little as they could in thanks for their amazing care.”

4. Bally Sarai: Glenfield Hospital’s Intensive Trauma Unit

Bally was admitted into the Intensive Trauma Unit of Glenfield Hospital in June 2014 having been diagnosed with severe pneumonia. She was in a coma for 2 months. During this time, she was placed on a life support machine called ECMO. “This amazing machine along with the dedicated doctors and nurses helped to save my life — I have nothing but praise for them all.”

Bally is now raising funds for the ECMO team and the Intensive Trauma Unit to give back for the enormous effort, kindness and care they gave.

5. Sienna Malley: NWTS Saved My Life

7 year old Sienna and her family have already raised an amazing £131,765 to say thank you to staff at the North West Paediatric Service (NWTS) after they saved her life when she was a baby.

At just eight months old, Sienna was diagnosed with both Streptococcal Septicaemia and Swine Flu. A specialist team from the NWTS had to be called, and it took them nearly ten hours to stabilise and prepare her for the journey from Crewe to Alder Hey Hospital in Liverpool.

The NWTS was created in November 2010 and is made up of a dedicated team of paediatricians, doctors and nurses who transport critically ill children throughout the North of England and Wales to specialist hospitals like Alder Hey. Sienna’s family say that there is no doubt that “these wonderful people, along with the doctors and nurses of the Alder Hey Intensive Care Unit, saved Sienna’s life. We shall always be grateful to them.”

Have you been inspired by the care given to you or a loved one by NHS staff?Let us know in the comments below, or get in touch via Facebook or Twitter.

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