The first hurdle

On the first day I was so excited, unaware of what lurked in a few hours. I made my pledge, I created social media platforms to document my progress and I did some planning for the next few days, and then it hit. Sickness.

I had a fever for the last few days, and of course sickness interferes with all your plans. My plans needed to be put on hold and I laid in bed trying to recover. I did manage to do some learning, through YouTube but this does not make up for all the time I lost. I did manage to record my first video too, this was just a basic video that was a brief discussion of what my channel is about and my aims.

Finally I am better, I can resume my business venture tomorrow evening and I cannot wait. I have work tomorrow so I am not going to do anything business related during the day yet as soon as I get home in the evening I will continue.

My aim over the course over the next few days, until the end of this week is to put out a lot of content and start pushing this venture. I am going to work hard and put in those long hours. I also want to work efficiently, I do understand that I will be unable to be 100% efficient due to this being a new area so I do not know if my efforts are being wasted or not. Yet I reckon I will be fairly efficient as I tackle tasks with speed and accuracy. For the rest of this evening I am just going to plan for the next few days in detail, making every minute count.

This may sound extreme, every minute… it sounds unachievable, but I need to do a lot and make up for lost time.

I understand I was ill so could not do any work, and that was out of my control but in relation to the world, a fever is not much. People go through far worse than myself, and are dealing with unimaginable things and still achieve their aims, so I am not going to make an excuse for myself.

Instead I am going to plan my week and then do everything I can to achieve the weekly agenda.