The start

Today is that day that changed everything, that day that I’ll remember forever, that eurekia moment. 
I have officially embarked upon a new journey in my life. I understand this journey will take many years and I will venture into unknown territory. This is the journey of me, just me.
I am just starting in the world of business and this is my journal to the world. It will follow myself through the ups and downs of starting a business. I will document my journey through all the major social media platforms and we will see where I end up in 20 years time. Once completed, the world will have the most detailed journal on how to successfully run a business or how to unsuccessfully run one. I hope I can bring just a small difference to your life through either what I did right or wrong. I am starting from scratch, literally the bottom so let’s see how far it can go. I am not just focusing on business but also more personal areas of my life too. You’ll be able to see how I progressed throughout the years, I hope it is a positive progression. Finally, I must leave you on a cheesy sidenote, thank you for reading this. If I have just one person reading this or taking an interest in my blog, I will not stop.