Marc Jacobs & The Faux Loc Paux

This week on my vlog, I discuss Marc Jacobs’ use of faux locs on white models for his NYFW S/S17 runway looks. By now, “cultural appropriation” has been beaten into the ground, so what I took a moment to discuss here was his angle of argument that Black women straightening their hair equates to white models aesthetically using locs for a fashionable look.

Also, Marc used my personal favorite victimized / hero line, “I don’t see race or color”. Ironic, as his makeup line caters to fair skin, and there were only two models of color to bless his runway. Many privileged people who get defensive over stepping on ToC (or, toes of color) grasp onto this notion to save themselves from having to acknowledge their hand in racial wrongdoing.

I don’t expect Marc to have all the answers, but the least we can ask of him is to pipe down for a moment and listen when people of color speak. I saw that he raised the white flag and apologized, though leave it up to him, the flag is colorless.