I feel useless a lot.

Ever since my fight with “him”, I feel very empty. Sure I have my best friend…but she’s pretty distant. And often, she likes hanging out with this other guy, and although I’m happy for her, sometimes it gets a little annoying when I want to talk to her.

So I’m just kinda alone, dealing with everything myself. I don’t tell one person everything. Usually everyone has bits and pieces of stories in my life, but “he” had everything, and now that I don’t have one stable person, I feel like I just can’t function. Everyday, I think about him, but I wish I didn’t. I begin falling back into my old habits. Staring at the wall. Feeling like I want to cry every night. Playing League of Legends again. And I haven’t played that for 7 months after declaring that people who play have no lives, or they just wanna get away from their problems.

I was right. I just wanted to forget about my problems.

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