When you lose a close friend, it’s probably devastating, and you just get this horrible feeling in your stomach that nothing will ever be the same again, no matter what. Then again sometimes, breaking the friendship is for the better. Now, I’m not saying breaking friendships is the best thing to do, especially if that person has been good friends with you for a very long time.

Here are some questions to think about if you’re considering ending a friendship:

  1. Do they insult you and don’t apologize when you tell them you’re hurt?
  2. 2. Do they constantly put you down?
  3. 3. Do they ignore you?
  4. 4. Do they put other things first in front of your relationship? (This is a complicated one, you need to be able to understand them well to determine the difference between IMPORTANT things and UNIMPORTANT things)
  5. 5. Do they make you feel uncomfortable?
  6. 6. Do they talk behind other people’s backs?
  7. 7. Do they make you feel bad about yourself?
  8. ^^^This is the most important one
  9. 8. Are they ever sorry?

If your friends make you feel bad about yourself, I am 99% you that they are NOT good friends at all. Of course, there IS that one percent chance of them not understanding how they are hurting you, or lack communication, but understand that sometimes, your friend might be hurt inside too by something you might not be able to control.

Sometimes, friends do horrible things, I understand. But someone who constantly makes you feel lesser than them and more inferior shouldn’t be someone you should be around. Before I entered high school, I was surrounded by an extremely positive environment, and I had the support of many people. However, I made some new friends in high school who don’t care about my well being. I tried constantly to continue being their friend by ignoring their insults, mending our huge arguments, and even going as far as apologizing to them for something THEY did. Today, I realize them for the mask behind their face, and how awful they are.

Someone who I thought I could trust is no longer someone I even want to see.

So yes, even though they may be your friend, sometimes, they aren’t who you want them to be…

And it’s okay to let go.

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