Monday Check-In
Nicole Dieker

$75 total, which is the cheapest (non-work trip) weekend I’ve had in a long time. Friday night I went out to dinner with friends at a new place that is very cheap but has mediocre food and the worst service I’ve ever experienced ($16). It was fun because friends, but I’ll never go there again. I got home and the new winter coat I ordered had arrived but it’s too big (I will return it to LL Bean tomorrow). Saturday was beautiful and I was lazy in the morning, then went for a 4-mile run, then went and met up with friends to talk about some activism ideas we’ve been throwing around. Saturday night was dinner and Netflix at home. Sunday it was gross and cold and snowy and I finally unpacked my suitcase, cleaned my room, did laundry, cooked, and read a bunch. Then I ordered a bunch of sale t-shirts from Loft ($59).

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