Monday Check-in, Post-Nuptials Edition
Ester Bloom

Friday night I went grocery shopping both for normal life food and for tubing drinks/snacks for the next day ($42.32), then just hung out reading at home. Saturday I went for a run, got breakfast at the farmer’s market ($10.75), and then after a very long period of time dealing with logistics, went tubing! It was a perfect day for it and I had my favorite beer and we saw a bald eagle because America. Then we all went home and showered and reconvened at my friend’s house to eat pizza ($0 at the time because I didn’t have any cash, but $10 future dollars I owe my friend) and play board games.

Sunday I went for a run, ran some errands ($17.31 on a new running top and socks), got rear-ended in a parking lot (I am fine and so is my car), cleaned my room, and made some stuff to bring for work lunches this week.

$80.38 total counting the money I need to give my pizza-buying friend the next time I see her.

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