Monday Check-In
Megan Reynolds

I did not estimate on Friday, which is good because I’m sure I would have underestimated. Friday I bought some wine and pastries ($12.18) in preparation for a friend coming over to hang out. Then we went out for dinner and more drinks ($46.17). Saturday we got up very early to go pick up some visiting friends at the airport, then went to breakfast (they paid). Then wandering, then lunch (boyfriend paid), followed by some cake ($4.36). My friends went to see the castle, which I have already seen so I just waited outside and read until they were done. Then sangria in the park ($4.36) followed by dinner ($10.91). Sunday my friends were going to another sight I’ve already seen, so I lazed about and went to lunch with my boyfriend ($30.56), and met up with them later. More wandering, snacks, and sangria ($11.99), followed by a nice wine bar ($18.69) and the last metro home. $139.22 total.

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