Monday Check-In
Nicole Dieker

I estimated $100 and spent $108.75, so close enough.

Friday: danced my butt off at a free concert in the park (concert was free but I bought a beer for $6), then drinks and dinner with friends ($25), then another bar ($7), then another bar where I stuck to water.

Saturday: momos at the farmers market ($4), then I went to Costco to pick up some pictures ($4.33) and some random food ($4.64 because most of it was covered by the rebate coupon I hadn’t used yet). Then I went to try to find some things in my storage unit and realized that there is really no point in having it anymore since it’s only half full and I could barely remember what was in there. I found the things I was looking for and also started hauling out other things. Filled my gas tank ($20.25).

Sunday: drove to New Hampshire to see my parents, extremely uneventful. Filled my gas tank again before I left ($9.54) because gas is 10 to 15 cents cheaper there than at home. Ignored the siren call of the NH State Liquor Store because I really didn’t need anything.