Monday Check-In
Nicole Dieker

I estimated $150 to 200, and ended up spending $240, oops. Friday instead of just going home I met friends for drinks and food ($40). Saturday I had breakfast at the farmer’s market ($6) after helping a friend take my old mattress to her house. Then I drove to Boston ($21 for gas and $6 for snacks along the way, plus $44 for wine and bourbon at the NH State Liquor Store), took the T to the hotel ($2.75), and checked in. Then I took the T to the airport ($2.75 again) and waited and waited because my boyfriend’s flight was late. By the time our taxi ($27) got us to the hotel we didn’t feel like going out to dinner so we just got room service burgers ($41).

Sunday we got up and walked to the Old North End where we got breakfast (boyfriend paid and I left tip, $4). Then we walked all over Boston until I thought my feet would fall off so we stopped to get ice cream (he paid again). Then we went back to the hotel and got our stuff, went to the car ($2.75 for the T and $7 for 24 hours of parking), and drove home. Stopped for dinner on the way ($25).

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