Monday Check-In
Nicole Dieker

I estimated up to $100 of my own money (as opposed to work per diem), and spent way less than that. Friday I got a foot massage ($5.59) and ate tacos (per diem). Saturday I went to the newest mall where I was hoping to find a new dress but struck out because the shop I was interested in only had two in my size, and I didn’t like either of them. Bought a scarf ($3.19), ate a dosa (per diem), and came back to my hotel to hang out and watch Netflix. Saturday I took the free hotel shuttle downtown, walked around a bunch, ate another dosa (per diem), sat and drank a lime juice (per diem) and read the New Yorker, and then back to the hotel. I swam, watched Netflix, ran on the treadmill, and ate a quick dinner. So $8.78, largely due to the fact that shopping was unsuccessful.

Because of the time difference, the debate was starting at the exact time I had to go to the office and I felt strongly that going to the office was a much better, more interesting option than watching.

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