Monday Check-In!
Meghan Nesmith

I not infrequently go through the same thing with clothes, and this morning did so with travel — I just got back from vacation (for the 2nd or 3rd time this year, depending on what you count) but this morning bought tickets for two upcoming weekend trips and started researching hotels for a third upcoming weekend trip which thankfully doesn’t require an airplane ride. I am trying not to feel too much shame or angst about it but just to recognize that for various reasons I am doing a lot of traveling this year and I need to offset it by spending less elsewhere.

Monday check-in: I didn’t estimate on Friday, but estimated the previous Friday for my week of vacation in Burma. I estimated $500 and actually spent $323.22. With the costs I had incurred beforehand (in-country flights), the total for the trip was $626.43, which is less than I anticipated so I’m quite happy with how that turned out. (Apparently happy enough to drop like $800 on upcoming travel, per my 1st paragraph!)

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