Should We All Switch To Credit Unions?
Ester Bloom

I used to use a credit union for day-to-day cash (most of my money lives at Capital One 360 so it’s harder for me to get to), but my particular credit union charges a foreign transaction fee and only does ATM surcharge reimbursement if you keep over $5,000 in your account, and that’s way more than I want in my day-to-day account. It wasn’t a problem in months when I was actually home, but when I traveled for work (either within the US, or overseas), I ended up paying a lot of ATM fees. So now my day-to-day money is with Fidelity since they reimburse, and I feel guilty every time I drive by my former credit union. They also canceled my ATM card once when I didn’t use it for a few months (I’m a millennial! I can go a long time without withdrawing cash!), which was a giant pain in the ass to sort out.

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