Friday Estimate!
Ester Bloom

Tonight I’m going to see a band with some friends — I already have my ticket but I’ll probably get some drinks beforehand and/or at the show as well ($20).

Tomorrow is my birthday (fingers crossed that 34 is better than 33) so I’m going to the fancy spa in the fancy ski town with some friends to pretend to be rich by getting expensive pedicures and then lounging around in robes and eating burgers by the pool and going in the outdoor hot tub ($100). Then meeting up with some other friends for dinner and drinks and maybe dancing if we get the right amount of drunk ($80? no idea where we’re going for dinner yet so the total could be anywhere on the map).

Sunday will be a run, laundry, and then packing for Portugal since I leave on Monday afternoon. I may need to pick up some last minute things at the drugstore before I leave ($20).

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