Friday Estimate
Nicole Dieker

Tonight: maybe go to a free Jazz Fest show if the weather is good. The show is free but if I go I will inevitably end up getting drinks and/or food ($25). If I don’t go I’ll just go home and be lazy.

Tomorrow: go for a run, go to the farmer’s market ($20), wrap a million baby shower presents because I am coordinating the group gift at an upcoming work baby shower, run errands ($30?), mail a slightly too large wedding dress back (+$367 when the return credit goes through), maybe go see other free Jazz Fest stuff if the weather cooperates.

Sunday: get up early and drive to a town an hour and a half away, meet my friend and her small child for brunch ($25), then drive a bit further south and go to a different baby shower ($60 for my half of the gift, which I still owe my roommate), then probably go home, go for a run, and make some food to take for lunch next week.

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