The Bigger Picture.

What do you want out of life? Open ended questions like this scare people. Mostly because we’re lazy and don’t “feel like” answering, not because we don’t know. I feel as though if I can say it aloud it’ll be a little easier to obtain. Times are hard nowadays. So I get having to set aside your dreams in order to live day to day, but don’t get discouraged. I find that setting goals a small bit at a time, along with your daily duties of being an adult works. You’re making it. Slowly, but surely. That’s where the bigger picture comes into play. Once you’ve established what it is you want, find out what sacrifices and changes you have to make in order to get there. The “right now” is not what’s going to be forever if you wish to have and be more. I guess what I’m trying to say is, don’t lose sight. Its so easy to give up or feel not good enough. It’s soooo much out here to take if we can apply ourselves. Sure things are gonna come along like relationships or car notes but NEVER LOSE SIGHT. If you see me around and I’m ripping and running or just looking less than .. I plead the bigger picture. Ha.