The struggle with being patient.

I don’t have anything long and drawn out about patience. We have a love hate relationship. I know that I’m suppose to be patient and wait on my blessings to fall in place .. I’ve even somewhat mastered telling myself it won’t be long, but it seems as though the better I get at waiting or when I’m in a good space something or someone comes along and ruins it for me. It’s crazy lol like I have this family situation where my grandmother is VERY eccentric and jittery throughout everything and I know for a fact that I can only last thirty minutes at the most in her presence. So the fact that I have been with her more than half my day has me at wits end and ready to curse and cry. Half of me wants to just disappear off the face of the earth while the other half is saying your blessing is coming. This let’s me know that while I’m not quite there yet with the patience thing, I’m learning and growing. Can’t beat that.

P.s. I’ll accept hugs, wine and gas money. In case anyone wants to de-frustrate me.

P.s.s. I totally made that word up.

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