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Well said, Mr. Miller. As a non-sports fan I’d never heard of Simmons before but was looking forward to the show after seeing him on Seth Meyers (I think?) He seemed fun and approachable so I gave it a shot. And he was exactly as you describe.

It was great to watch him go head to head with Barkley in a way that made it very obvious that Simmons had ZERO problem calling him out on his crap with a smile that was in no way snarky or dismissive. And Barkley reacted in kind KNOWING that he wasn’t the only guy in the room who knew a thing or two.

The segment with Affleck was just as much fun.

As a non-sports fan I couldn’t have been more entertained and actually wished it’d been an hour-long when all was said and done.

He has a charm and knowledge about him that feels more like shooting the sh*t with a smart friend who isn’t afraid to let you bust his b@lls.

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