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If you don’t know Gary Vee (@GaryVee), he is in the business of building businesses. What separates him is his ability to create an environment and culture of no nonsense, hard charging, realistic, and self-aware partners and employees. I have to admit, I will listen to any and all keynotes this man gives because there is always something different, something golden. That’s how good he is. He can take his perspectives and strategies and apply them everywhere, to anyone. No matter who he is talking to, he is able to take the “story” and apply it to them. He is incredible.

I have taken his interview on 30 Days of Genius with Chase Jarvis, extracted the information, and used it to answer common questions by readers just like you, who are looking to take their lives to the next level, or at least a different level than the one they are on.

Please enjoy.

How Do I Win?

The first thing you need to do is think long game. Don’t worry about what is hot right now, or what is viral right now, think 5, 10, 20 years down the road. How are you going to get there? It starts with steps today. I believe social media is necessary for every business, period. Did you miss the Twitter boat? The Instagram boat? Are you on Snapchat yet? Get there as soon as you can, and absorb it. Learn how to use it, watch other people using it, and master it. No followers? Who cares? We are looking years down the road. The ability to story tell on a variety of platforms will only help you. Maybe you missed out on the apps today, but you have built your skills up so when the next thing pops you are all over it and can make your mark there. Long game. Patience is key.

You will eventually need to learn how to translate the context of whatever medium you are dealing with to your message. Writing, photos, videos, clips, GIFs, whatever. You need to be able to tell your story in a way that allows the eyes and ears of your targeted audience can hear you. The only way to do that is to learn how to use those platforms, and how to get your message across. If you are in the creative field, it has never been easier to stake a claim in your market. You are creative! This allows you to move sooner, adjust more quickly, and buy up “real estate” sooner than your contemporaries. This time that we are living in now is geared for your skill set, you just need to take advantage of it and stop complaining.

Effort is such an undervalued component to “winning.” Outwork people. Period. In time, you will win. People sell themselves short, they are too busy binge watching TV, complaining that the chips are stacked against them. That’s who you are competing with, complainers. You want to be one of them? If your grandparents heard your excuses for why you weren’t where you wanted to be they would come out of their graves and punch you in the face. Wars, famines, ethnic cleansing, dust bowls, etc and you are bitching about your followers? Opportunities? Complaining is for losers who never get things done. Think about that the next time you are trying to explain your position in the market. Boo hoo. STFU and get to work.

If you are a complainer, you need to seriously sit down and evaluate where and how you spend your time. You can’t complain your way to more talent. You can’t complain your way to more opportunities. Self-awareness is the game. Control your time. You don’t have to do things that waste time. You are choosing to. It’s all on you. Catch the game. There is always something new, something different. If you are outworking people, if you stop wasting time, if you are the best at your craft, you will win.

How Do I Build My Business/Brand?

The answer is the same, be self-aware, focus on the long game.

Know where you are at. Get business before you start acting like you are the shit. Do something first. Play the small clubs to get to stadiums. It is a building process. If you are looking 10 years down the line, what are the stepping stones to get you there? It doesn’t happen overnight. It is grinding and grinding day after day for years and it slowly builds up. Keep doing. Keep learning. Remember to come down from the clouds and play in the dirt, work hungry, and learn.

Two tips to make sure you don’t get stuck while building out your business:

1. Doing the right projects for the right people and the right time for free can lead the big ones you really want to do. Play both ends of the spectrum and stay out of the middle. Either you get paid $XXXX to do a job because they are paying you, or you do it for $0 because it is something that can jumpstart your career, or take it to another level.

If Metallica wants you to open up for them at Met Life Stadium, do it for free. It can lead to much bigger things than the few grand you would demand.

2. Never do the next job for the same price you did the last one. Keep doing that until the market tells you it is too much. If you are always the $500 guy, you will never be the $10,000 guy. Build it up, when you can’t get a certain amount, the market has told you that you have reached the ceiling. Find the ceiling.


“Your grandparents would come out of the grave and punch you in the face if they heard you complaining about what you can’t do compared with what they had to deal with.”

“We are so lucky. You could have been an ant.”

“If you are a white man in America, you should go to jail for complaining”

“Scale the un-scale-able.”

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