Generation Why Not?

Access in America has never been more readily available than it is right now.

You can pretty much do whatever you want whenever you want it.

Write a book?

Make a movie?

Be a photographer?


Start a business?


Can you think of any legitimate obstacle to doing any of those things that doesn’t make you sound like a total puss?

I sort of lead you to the answer no, but you would have gotten there anyways, I am sure of it.

Some of you are naysayers. You will come up with some totally rare or over exaggerated scenario as to why someone, somewhere, wouldn’t be able to do it, but I am talking in generalities. If you are reading this at all, you either have a phone or computer, or access to one, which means you can do it too.

All of the information you need is at your fingertips, and all the tools you need to create just about anything you want to do is also at said fingertips. Even better, it’s in the same place you got the information from.

Your phone, computer or tablet.

Can you feel the excuses slipping away from you? I hope so.

The Why Generation

I think this the wrong name.

It generates a feeling that they don’t care.

Why should I do this? Why should I do that?

What is really happening is they are, or will be asking, why not?

Why can’t I do this?

Why can’t I do that?

Why do we have to do it that way?

Why can’t we try something different?

It’s not The Why Generation.

It’s The Why Not Generation.

The Fault In Their Stars

The issues that they will face will be the same ones that each of us are facing in this ever-expanding, ever-informing, atom bomb of access to everything you could ever want access to, and all of those things having access to you: self slavery.

We can eat anything we want.

We can read, watch, and consume anything we want.

What have we done with that freedom?

We are fatter than ever, more diabetes than ever, more dependent on the government than ever, and taking less responsibility than ever. On top of all this mess, there is a YUGE population in America that think Donald Trump is the answer to their perceived problems with the economy, their jobs, and their government.

Mr. Grab Them In The Pussy himself.

We are idiots.


Not you, specifically.


The Longer The Rope The Tighter The Noose

This is the time in history where we need to be more self-aware than ever. More disciplined than ever. More willing to ask ourselves the tough questions and make the changes necessary to max out our potential, than ever. We are a pathetic fraction of what we could be. There is always room for improvement, but so many of us are willing to hover around the 50% (if not lower) mark.

Other questions Generation Why Not needs to ask themselves is: How can this be better? Am I doing my best? Am I putting in the work? Am I in this for the right reasons? Is this the job for me? What are my strengths? (and more importantly) what are my weaknesses? And many, many more.

If they don’t ask themselves those questions, the rope will just get tighter and tighter. They will put themselves in situations they shouldn’t be in, with people they shouldn’t be in them with, and it could prove disastrous.

Don’t just be the “why?” generation.

Be the: Why not? How? When? Where? Which? Who? Generation.

We go as you go.

We are tomorrow as you are today.

Why not?







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