What Is The Impact Of Instagram Stories?

People are s***ting their pants over the new Instagram stories.

But there are only two groups that really count:

1. Instagrammers

2. Snapchatters

That’s it.

This move by Instagram, obviously in response to the explosion of Snapchat the first half of 2016, is a game changer.

Is it the end of Snapchat?

No chance.

Is it a huge boost to Instagram and it’s users?


Did They Copy Snapchat?

Yes and no.

The truth is, we don’t know yet.

One glaring difference in the two platforms are the filters. I don’t mean the lighting, I mean the dog face, and my favorite, the bee.

If Instagram develops similar filters, then yes they are copying Snapchat.

But who cares?

Winning is winning. Snapchat knows that Instagram is gunning for them. May the best man win. The market will decide who the real winners and losers are depending on where we go from here. Just recognize that we have a game now.

The Instagram Strategy

They obviously needed to stop the bleeding.

Numbers have been dropping for months.

Businesses were realizing the consumer interactions were much stronger on Snapchat. There has been a youth movement that may or may not revitalize Twitter even with a general lack of innovations on their part.

So where did that leave Instagram? The place with cool pictures.

Not anymore.

It just got personal.

Oh snap.

Pun intended.

Keep in mind that Snapchat’s popularity is relatively new. There is a huge group of people that still think it is the app that allows you to show your wiener and it disappears. They are uncomfortable with it. They prefer what they know: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. They are comfortable with Instagram. They were intrigued by Snapchat, but weren’t willing to bite, yet.

Now they don’t have to.

And THAT’S where Instagram wins. Customer retention. They don’t have to go anywhere and they can still partake in this new fangled “snap” culture.

Now It’s Personal

I can already see a huge upside to the stories.

The people I follow don’t necessarily give you a glimpse in to their lives through the pictures they post. They show you their art, their business, their cars, but there is nothing personal. It may be beautiful, or awesome, but there was nothing to emotionally connect to.

Now It Is Different

I can see what my favorite photographers look like, talk like, where they live, and their friends. It is changing everything. It’s huge. It is a chance to interact in a completely different way on a platform that has a huge foundation of users that are very comfortable in “their” space.

As Instagram develops and grows the “story” abilities, it will only become more fun, and more interactive, just like Snapchat, but with a built in base.

Well done Instagram.

Well done.







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