What’s next for #NeverTrump Republicans?
Rory Cooper

First of all, I do not like Mr Trump on numerous levels. I beat the Never Trump drum right up to the vote at the RNC. Ted Cruz could, should have won if he had run his campaign more aggressively. They were the same mistakes that Romney made but this time it cost us the nomination.

Right now America is faced with huge choice and both alternatives suck. As a Vet and now officially a senior citizen, I can say that I have seen a lot of good and really bad. The rise and fall of Camelot, to the present day fiasco that occupies the Peoples House on Pennsylvania Ave. I witnessed the two worst Presidents, Carter and Obama. Their carelessness nearly destroyed America. The one really bright spot was the Reagan years.

If Ms Clinton is elected, we will have a continuation of the Obama Rule. More social programs, more taxes, more regulations, more Obama Care, open boarders, rise in terrorism, escalating cost of living, higher unemployment and underemployment, a National Debt that shows no signs of stopping or even slowing. Clinton has lied, cheated, manipulated and bribed to get to this point. She will stop at nothing to become President. Her history is well documented. From being a governor’s wife, First Lady, Senator, Secretary of State, to a Nominee for President. There is a cloud of suspicion that hangs over her. She should be in the Gray Bar Hotel.

At risk is the Supreme Court and the rewriting of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. We know that she will nominate a liberal Judge and if the GOP losses seats in both Houses, her nomination will be approved. Would, could America recover from that? It might take 40 years and there is no guarantee that it could be rectified.

Are you willing to risk everything?

In Ted Cruz’s speech at the RNC he said, “vote your conscience”. If I did anything that allowed Hillary Clinton to become President, I would be haunted until my last gasp on earth. To vote for a second tier candidate, or write-in someone is as good as a voting for Clinton. That would bother me. Would that bother you?

I agree wholeheartedly that Trump is less than perfect. There is a lot that we don’t know. Comparatively, there is much less to dislike. Hey, he could be the Dem plant to assure Clinton wins. I am not asking you to support Trump but I am asking you to do everything in your power not to let Hillary Clinton and the rest of the Liberial Left get elected in November.

Our future depends on you.


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