This is my platform to vent..

I want to share my thoughts with no fear. I want to express my feelings with no hesitation. I want to talk about how my heart aches, how my spirits are down, how these bruises from within are slowly breaking me down. How the hurt inside resonates with the tears in my eyes.

Disappointment has become such a common feeling.. It hurts every time and now I just want to feel numb. I’m so caught up on holding on til the day he stops disappointing me. I’m tired of being hurt, but terrified at the fact that I can’t walk away every time I try.

I need to try harder.. For myself and my sanity; because he will never change. Instead he’s getting worse and he’s okay with the fact that he’ll never stop hurting me. He is comfortable with that, it is good enough for him.

I am not good enough for him, but hurting me is..