LEAP Goes to Reform Conference

Bi-Annual Gathering of Drug Policy Reformers Descends on St. Louis, Missouri

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Nov 5 · 2 min read

Every two years, drug policy reformers, harm reduction advocates, and experts from around the world come together for the International Drug Policy Reform Conference. This week, LEAP staffers, board members, and speakers will travel to St. Louis to participate.

If you’re new to drug policy, Reform Conference includes programming and workshops on every drug policy issue imaginable. Many reformers have worked in the field for years and have spent time at different organizations, institutions, and adjacent companies. Reform Conference is one of the few opportunities people in the field have to come back together, no matter where their careers have taken them.

If you’re attending the conference this year, here’s how to find us:

  • Stop by our table in the main exhibitor hall;
  • Hear LEAP speakers Deputy Inspector Corey Pegues (Ret.) and Sgt. Terry Blevins (Fmr.) with LEAP Media Director Mikayla Hellwich speak on Thursday, 11/7 from 1:00–2:30 CT in Midway 5 Room. The community session is called When You Need Law Enforcement Support: Communication Strategies That Work. This will be an interactive workshop focused on persuasive and strategic communication techniques for building alliances with police and sheriff’s departments;
  • Hear Maj. Neill Franklin (Ret.), LEAP’s executive director, speak on Friday, 11/8 from 1:00–2:30 CT in the Frisco/Burlington Room. The community session is called Alternatives to Arrest: What Comes Next and Where are We Headed? It’s an open discussion on where harm reduction and diversion is headed with a focus on divestment, decriminalization, community organizing, and inclusion.

Registration is still open. Hope to see you there!

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