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Entry# 28: The Crossroads

Meet me at the crossroads…in the middle. This is the place where we find common ground: half way between you and me; black and white; theory and reality. The nexus of disparate (if not, opposing) opinions is found in a magical land of never-never. Alice doesn’t live here anymore, but if she did, she would wonder why the Cheshire Cat cannot see “I to I” with the Queen of Hearts! So, is the Mad Hatter “kray-kray” or just really pissed off? Peter, he flies in the face of the frying pan…Ahab Dickishly pursues the wake of Moby..and the whole world yearns for far-fetched normalcy. Wow! What an odd “looking glass” we live in! “Can’t we all just get along?” (Rodney King, Alice, and I are all on a life-long quest to find any resolvable compromise to the constant conflict that fates our weird existential plight. We want — nay, we NEED — big change.

It’s the crossroads that gives us that hopeful opportunity for change. Yes, the devil may live there — not to mention, in the details — but, even so, it is the crossroads that offers up “the road not taken”. We pine for a different path, a new beginning, a way out of our pathetic complacency. And yet, we flail about in a wanderlust of mundane, if not fantastical, fun house mirrors. We are all on a joy ride of inevitable pain and sadness. Like it or not, humanity holds itself ransom to an extortion of felonious phantasmagorical chaos. It’s as if we crave heresy while we embrace orthodoxy. This is surely a type of delusional lunacy and its the very manifestation of our societal schizophrenia.

So here we are at the crossroads of another New Year. “Auld lang syne” is the clarion call, but this standard toll rings as hollow as “business as usual”. How dare we make annual new resolutions if we can’t even alter our traditional old habits?! Every year we declare “THIS IS IT: a change is gonna come”. But of course, it never does. And in fact, why do we even choose the first of January anyway, to recast the sculpture of our bad behavior? What’s so special about this single day of bacchanalian celebrations and revelry that might allow us to atone for our year’s worth of regularly dysfunctional conduct? Why is New Year’s Eve/Day even a holiday? It’s merely another typical day in a typical year of our existence. We are born, we live a life of experiences, we die at the end of our time. Get over it!

When the ball drops in Times Square at the stroke of midnight tomorrow, and the people cheer like there’s just no more tomorrows (go figure?!?) how should we react? It’s quite easy to feel the intoxicating lure that life will supply a new beginning and transformation into the next phase of progress for our species. But will it really? We think we have a grasp on reality, but do we even know what that is? Maybe tomorrow is just an extension of our illusion about today’s idealism. The real world needs a footing in real time, real energy, and real change. And this all requires not just cute catch phrases, but ACTION! Action is the rub. So, will we actually ACT, or just act like we act?! That’s the true crossroads!

But then, what the hell do I know?! I’m…

Just The Janitor

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