PM Tools

I’m sure many of you have used various process mapping tools to pull together workflow diagrams and processes, but for me, if I’m honest nothing beats a few dry wipe pens and a whiteboard.

This is part of the process I really enjoy. I can scratch, scribble and rub out to my hearts content, much like a child, until I’m ready to transfer to a digital format. Of course not everywhere you go has a white board (how inconvenient), so a good old pen and paper will do the job just fine. I personally find it much more creative and free flowing using the old school format, although this may not be your preference. I think it also brings out something quite special when collaborating with your other team members.

We’ve had sessions when the basic process has been drawn out on the board, in a black pen let’s say; then we’ve each taken a colour from the remaining pack and hacked away at the initial flow until we’ve got a myriad of coloured text and lines on the board. Much like a game of chess or draughts, calculating the next move to update the last move with your own context and theory. (A board rubber or cloth would be handy, it can get very messy rubbing out with the tips of your fingers). In the end you’ve achieved what you perceive as a colourful masterpiece (open to interpretation of course).

I thought I’d share this soundbite as I’ve picked up the pens again today and I’m scribbling away on a whiteboard. If anyone knows any tools that can emulate this free flowing way of process mapping I’d be very keen to try them out.

Thanks, have a great day.