“It’s difficult to find women and minorities to apply through traditional channels.”
Face It. Your Hiring Process Is Broken.
Kira Leigh

I can’t stand this. This is the reason we started our tech recruitment platform (http://lane.women2.com). You need women engineers? We have them…. SO STOP WITH THE EXCUSES.

I quote Cindy Gallup a lot, who says consistently “Just Fucking Hire” when it comes to tackling your “diversity needs”.

And it IS nonsense that you can’t go into LinkedIn and filter by gender or race (keep in mind, this is based on Federal anti-discrimination policy, so I’m not necessarily advocating that you DO filter by this… but it’s inefficient from a hiring managers perspective).

The other tough thing that’s been difficult is that, even if a hiring manager has had the most earnest of diversity hiring mandates, everything has been decentralized, and shoved into the “non-profit/CSR corner cubicle” with separate budgets (don’t get me started on this!). This is another thing we’re trying to stop.

So yes, the system is broken. If you’d like to write for us, let me know. More discussion on the breaks and the possible fixes is what we need.

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