As far as we know, “they let me” is nothing more than his perception or bragging.
Kimberly Carroll

My faux defense? No, I am simply stating a fact. Touching pussy is apart of sex. Sexual assault is when sex happens without permission. “They let me do it” is a statement that shows that he had permission. When you use someone’s words against them maybe you should make sure that you use all their words. I can say that you, Kimberly Carroll, sexually assaulted me and everyone would have to believe me because I would be a victim. You know how many men have lost everything after a woman falsely accused them of rape? Too many. Just as it’s true that too many rapes happen. There are two sides of every story and just because you ignore the other side doesn’t mean that it disappeared. You are putting meaning to his words. As far as we know, he had permission. You may think he was just bragging or it was his perception. But that is ignoring the fact he could have had permission. When you make an accusation based on someone’s words, solely based on their words, and someone calls you out on cherry picking perception and words then it is time that you forfeit your disgusting accusation.

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