My First Post on Medium

Setting Goals

I want to (maybe) try to take the Foreign Service Officer Test (FSOT) someday. In all likelihood I will never pass. I don’t write fast and I certainly don’t write well. I don’t speak well. I don’t have much knowledge concerning anything really, let alone the subjects on the test. I don’t have any work experience and education. Heck, I don’t even have experience in much of anything. However, there is a silver lining, a saving grace, a dove with an olive branch. The United States Foreign Service does not require any specific education level or work experience. Despite their lack of requirements, I am still at a strong disadvantage since literally anyone can take the test. I am competing against people with master degrees, military service, foreign affairs experience, overseas adventures, and general talent. In 2012(?) only 465 applicants passed the entire exam and became SFOs out of 20,000 applicants. To make matters worse, only 2,000 applicants passed the written exam. That means even if I get a near perfect score on the written exam I most likely won’t pass the oral exam due to my weak speaking skills and lack of education and real world experience. Realism is definitely not in my favor. It’s quite unfortunate that I can’t improve my work or education situation in the near future due to my life situation. Nonetheless, I can learn privately.

I usually try not make goals for myself because I always end up failing them. Hopefully posting on here will keep me motivated. My biggest problem -- which is more like an obstacle -- when it comes to fulfilling my goals is the fear of failing. The fear of failing comes from the fact I have failed every goal I have ever made. Yes, I have even failed the tiniest, most simplistic goals. Perhaps at this point my failure is more than a bad habit, it is a detrimental habit.

So without further ado, here are my goals:
 1. Write properly and fluently.
 2. Write fast. 
 3. Learn more about geography, political structures, modern world conflicts, general world history, science, economics, music, and environmental issues. 
 4. Learn Russian, which I have always wanted to do. In fact, I began learning Russian awhile ago.
 5. Someday I want to at least pass the written portion of the FSOT.
 6. If I ever become a FSO then I hope one day I can become a U.S. ambassador to Russia.

To accomplish my goals I will:
 1. Read a lot and many different sources every day.
 2. Practice writing 500 words a day and posting what I write right here on Medium.
 3. Write about what I learn and post it on here.
 4. Study. I will take ACT practice tests, FSO practice tests, Jeopardy practice tests, and any other practice test I can find that will help me learn.
 5. Create flashcards. 
 6. Use MIT OpenCourseWare.
 7. Read books from Project Gutenberg.
 8. Read free online college textbooks.Practice, practice, practice.Aa

Hopefully in a year (September 13, 2017) I will look back on this day through the eyes of success. I am going to start slow though. I don’t want to overwhelm myself, which I think is understandable when taking my fear into consideration.a

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