Grabbing someones p*** is sexual assault, period, This Is the law not sex ed.
M Samost

Then your father would be in jail.

My father would be in jail.

Bill Clinton would be in jail.

Bill Clinton’s father would be in jail.

Every man who has had sex would be in jail.

Part of sex is touching pussy. Whether you like it or not, that is apart of sex.

Part of sex is touching dick. Whether you like it or not, that is apart of sex.

Outercourse: This involves two people either masturbating each other or rubbing against each other with at least some clothes on. The penis doesn’t penetrate the vagina or anus. Outercourse carries little risk of pregnancy (it can still happen!) and only a negligible risk of disease.

Oral sex: This includes fellatio, where the penis is stimulated by the partner’s mouth, and cunnilingus, where the vagina receives oral stimulation. Oral sex carries the risk of transmitting disease but not the risk of pregnancy. Some people don’t consider “oral” as sex, but it is.

Anal sex: This occurs when the penis penetrates a partner’s anus. Though there is no risk of pregnancy, anal sex carries a very high risk of disease transmission.

Intercourse: Intercourse is when a male puts his erect penis into a female’s vagina. It carries the risk of both transmitting a disease and leading to an unintended pregnancy.

Sexual assault is sex without permission.

Trump said, “THEY LET ME DO IT.”

Explain how letting someone touch is sexual assault.

Simply saying, touching pussy is sexual assault is not enough. People can touch pussy without the act of it being sexual assault. That’s just a fact. Animals do it. Humans are animals.

By the way, way to throw out accusations and put words that I simply never typed. Just because I am standing up to you just as rape victims stand up to rapists does not make me a bad person nor does it mean I grab people without permission.

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