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Trump is Breaking Politics

Not Third Party Candidates

The presidency is a civics job, not a beauty parlor or a role-modeling gig. It’s a job to push policies and operate foreign affairs. The president doesn’t come close to what admirals, foreign service officers and ambassadors do. Rather, the president makes decisions from what those people bring him. If the president doesn’t listen to them then you get the failures like the ones that have happened over the past 15 years.

No other candidate has ever gone against the GOP or DNC as viciously as Trump has. No other candidate has brought media bias to light as Trump has. No other candidate has the audacity to wage war on failing policies as Trump has.

The GOP and DNC have limited people’s options to:

  • Open borders.
  • Open trade.
  • Jobs overseas.
  • Disastrous foreign affairs.
  • More terrorist attacks.

Open trade started with Nixon opening our trade to China. So, the fault of the initial loss of jobs goes to the Republican party. Both George W. Bush and Bill Clinton pushed for NAFTA. So, more loss of jobs goes to Republicans and Democrats. Now, TPP passed and we thank Obama and the Republican Congress for passing it. Now we have the TPPA on the table. Both Paul Ryan and Hillary have supported the TPPA.

We can thank George HW Bush for the first Iraq War. At least he had probable cause of going into Iraq. George W. Bush led us into the second Iraq War on a false notion of Iraq owning nukes. Every other country including the UK and France said nukes did not exist in Iraq. UK officials even accused presidential advisers of lying to Bush. Ironically, former CIA director Michael Morell was one of Bush’s advisers. UK officials said that he either knew he was lying or the more likely case that he was being lied to by the people informing him what to say to Bush. Morell, of course, doesn’t support Trump. He can’t support Trump because then he’d have to admit he was in the forefront of a major policy disaster. Same with Bush. Anyway, before leaving office Bush did one good thing. He drew up a plan to leave Iraq, which is called the SFA. The purpose of this deal was a way to leave safely, securely, and without creating a vacuum. Hillary, as Secretary of State, was supposed to draw up an agreement to leave troops on the ground in Iraq. This required negotiating with Iraq, and she went to Iraq to negotiate a way to leave troops on the ground. She left empty handed. So, all of our troops left Iraq, leaving behind a vacuum, as suspected. So, we can thank Obama and Hillary, both Democrats for igniting more failure in foreign affairs that Republicans were aptly involved in.

The foreign affairs disaster has led to numerous terrorist attacks: Boston Bombings, California shootings, Orlando shootings, New York and New Jersey bombings, South Carolina mall shootings, Boston shooting last year, and so much more.

Both Paul Ryan and Hillary support open borders. The both parties want open borders. So, the people who want a secure border have no one to represent them — at least until Trump began his campaign. Let’s go over real facts on this matter. 90% of cocaine in the US came through the Southern border. 70% of meth also came through the southern border. 22,000 guns were confiscated from Mexicans, and 70% of those guns were from the US. In 2015 eight million pounds (8,000,000 lb!!!) of marijuana trafficked into Arizona came from the Southern border. The DNC reported the cycle of the Mexican drug cartels as this: their members sell drugs in the US, buy guns in the US (more than likely either they personally buy it from a legitimate gun dealer or they have an upstanding person buy it from a legitimate gun dealer), and then bring their guns to Mexico to commit gang violence. 15,000 human trafficking victims enter into the US every year, as reported by the DNC. The DNC also has previously reported that 15,000 human trafficking victims cross (in or out) the Southern border every year. Three major human trafficking hotspots are by the Southern border. Utah and Colorado are relatively by the border and have the weakest anti-human trafficking laws among all the states. The UN reported that stronger border security most definitely prevents human trafficking. Among the nations that have the highest human trafficking crimes are countries with weak border security and laws. One in every eight human traffickers are prosecuted. Look at this figure though, there are 20,000 ICE officers worldwide and 15,000 human trafficking victims that cross the border every year. Trump ideally wants to triple the amount of ICE officers. Do you understand why? They deal with millions upon millions of drugs and thousands of human trafficking victims. There are almost as many victims as there are ICE officers.

In short, most of the time Democrats and Republicans support the same policies, even though they argue and say they don’t. Or when they really don’t, the other fails to fix the other’s failures. The whole idea of senators and representatives and presidents is to have them represent each portion of America. Unfortunately, people are not being represented. So, here we are with this Trump phenomenon (which really isn’t a phenomenon at all).

Trump is the epitome of representation. He gives a voice to many people who as of yet haven’t been represented in the last 40 years. He supports a secure border, anti-globalism, and tough but anti-interventionist foreign affairs policies. Paul Ryan and Hillary Clinton do not represent those policies. The GOP and DNC have taken away people’s right to want and vote for those things. The third party candidates don’t really provide anything different.

The Democratic and Republican parties are suffering an identity crisis and after the election either way neither party will be an actual party, although it’s expected for the Democratic party to tumble slower than the Republican party. Trump is waging war on both parties. He has almost disowned his Republican title and he has ‘stolen’ votes from the Democratic party. Democrats are sick of not having options just as much as the Republicans are. Democrats and Republicans alike want a more secured border, recognize the troubles of Obamacare, loathe interventionist policies, and absolutely need anti-globalism. These are the issues that neither party is willing to take on. That’s why Trump is blowing up both parties. He is giving people a voice, options, a chance to vote for what they truly want.

He has also exposed the media for what they are. For the past four days the media has been talking about Trump’s tapes and have refused to talk about the red line in the sand in which Hillary said she wasn’t Secretary of State during the event when in fact she was. CNN reporters were caught trying to coach pro-Hillary comments to their panel. A New York Times reporter was caught asking Hillary which answers she would like to include in an article. Trump did an interview with a Yahoo! reporter and he severely misquoted Trump and that is how the Hitler propaganda started. Every time the media lies about what Trump has said or every time they say he doesn’t have policies they so happen to create another outspoken Trump supporter. They have not really covered the actual news for the past year and half. They want money and ratings and that’s it. Well, quite unfortunately CNN has not benefited seeing as their ratings took a nose dive and they have been exposed for what they are, the Clinton News Network.

If you really want to break the two party system then you’d vote for Trump. He is the face of breaking down the whole political system right now, not the third party candidates. The people who support Trump are also at the forefront of really pushing for real change. They are the ones fuming and threatening to take down the whole system as Trump has more less promised to do. Someone will have to represent these people and they will force both parties to take notice. They are no longer silent. Trump gave them a voice.

Plenty of people — young, old, White, Black, Hispanic, women, men, college educated, high school dropouts — of all walks of life support Trump despite what the media tries to portray. They want change. If a man or woman is the epitome of change they will vote no matter what for that person — as it should be. Policy matters. What someone said on a bus ten years ago doesn’t affect their lives. Policy affects their lives. America is about giving people voice. Trump represents America. If things don’t change the great American experiment has failed. Trump and his supporters have declared war. It is only a matter of time now.

None of the third party candidates started this revolution. Trump did. If people don’t let the revolution happen now it will happen in my lifetime.