Look at their past lives and accomplishments, by any objective measure, using your words, all of…
Lyndon Leining

Wow, way to take words out of context. You and the people like you are great at it. It’s the reason why more and more people are turning to Trump and tuning all of you out. We are sick of this BS.

I said, what he said on the bus was shit talk. Nothing more, nothing less. Don’t make it out to be something it isn’t.

I would like to see you try to build multiple skyscrapers, multiple golf courses, multiple hotels, wineries, and businesses. Let me know when you keep all of them running successfully for 40 years. For perspective, 50% of businesses fail in the first five years. Amazon lost hundreds of millions of dollars for 20 years. Costco failed for quite awhile before it became a successful brand.

For more perspective, let’s look at Hillary’s “success”.

Hillary spouts how she tried to pass a healthcare bill as First Lady. What she fails to mention is that the bill didn’t pass in a Democrat-majority Congress. If she worked with Republicans and Democrats alike then the bill should have been passed.

She supported her husband’s crime bill that led to Blacks communities being engulfed in violence and crime. Oh, Bill was also taken to the Supreme Court two or three times due to his racism and racist policies. I guess Hillary likes to leave that out when she talks about her husband’s success.

During that time she also tried to nominate two attorney generals who failed to pay taxes and hired illegal immigrants. As opposed to now, I guess she didn’t care who hired illegals and didn’t pay taxes. Oh, the hypocrisy.

Also, that Waco disaster that she was involved in. Great success there! in getting people killed.

Long story short, a longggg list of appointees she appointed as First Lady were either failures or criminals (before or during their appointments). I am sure you can learn more about it if you Googled.

So, as she went from First Lady to senator she promised to create 200,000 jobs. Well, she didn’t.

Hillary failed to get cosponsors for her bills most of the time. In other words, she didn’t really work with Congress members as she claims.

She also voted for a wall along the Mexican border in 2005. While this wasn’t a failure, it just shows her current hypocrisy.

When she became Secretary of State she had already set up her private email server two weeks prior. The FBI director said she sent classified emails. She testified in front of the FBI saying she couldn’t remember what C means in emails. Her interns smashed phones with hammers and bleached hard drives. She failed to secure classified email like she was supposed to.

Hillary told Congress that her foundation would be a separate entity from her political life. She failed that too! Members of the foundation met with her political team. After Middle Eastern countries donated to her foundation she approved weapon deals. A weapon dealer in Qatar said that the government was handing out weapons like candy to pretty much anyone, thus he could no longer make profit. The Obama administration did a study in Qatar and found that they didn’t know who got the weapons. Is that success? No. That’s bad judgement and failure on a massive level.

Let’s not forget about the SFA deal. The deal was created by Bush and Obama and Hillary were meant to follow through with it. It was a deal that outlined a way to pull out of Iraq safely and securely. Except, Hillary failed to secure a major part of the deal. It was her job to get Iraq to let the US leave a certain number of soldiers in Iraq so a vacuum wouldn’t occur. Well, just as suspected a vacuum was created and ISIS was able to occupy the space and steal US weapons. Our forces found some of those weapons in a city they recently retook.

The Obama administration approved of a weapons deal for Eastern Europe (for protection against Russia). Everything was set to happen, missiles were going to lie on the ground. Except Hillary stopped the deal. So the missiles deal fell through and Eastern Europe was open to Russia. Not too long after Russia invaded Ukraine.

Honduras was a bipartisan effort. Hillary led the effort. Ultimately, more war and poverty was created.

Syrian officials tried to contact Hillary and the State Department. No answer. Then major events happened in Syria, like Assad tear gassing thousands. Before major events happened in Libya, Libyan officials tried to contact Hillary and the State Department. No answer. Major destructive events happened soon after.

I could go on about the Arab Spring, Iran, Russia, Yemen, and more. But I think you get the picture.

Hillary’s experiences have been failures one after another after another. She is no political saint.

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