A hidden gem; finding problems in your IT before they happen

One of the grails of IT still remains the ability to pro-actively predict and avoid outages of business services before they occur.

Organisations have implemented different types of tools over the years to create custom strategies and/or software solutions to avoid this costly IT problem which in some cases, can end up costing businesses millions of £££’s in downtime, revenue loss and more.

Cloud Service Providers are facing this issue now as traditional end-users continue fuelling the “Hybrid IT” migration to Service Providers. End-users are more risk-adverse than ever in today’s hybrid cloud era to mitigate risk to their businesses, bottom line and most importantly, the services they offer to their customers.

Why arent outages avoidances achieved today?
Existing threshold techniques are not up to the task
Too many false alarms which are ultimately ignored
Thresholds are either set too low or too high
Insufficient warning time
Simply too much data & alerts to analyse!

Service Legal Agreements (SLA’s) are more important than ever and the need for Cloud Service Providers to implement a future-proof solution that is able to to cope with today’s levels of big data, network events, huge number of applications to monitor and bring it all into a single pane of glass is instrumental. Strong performance against SLA’s has many knock-on effects such as customer retention, increase in reputation and much more.

In the UK, we have customers both trialling and using our “Predictive Insights” capabilities to get real insight into network performance using our market-leading analytics capabilities to pick up on anomalies which can ultimatley cause major outages before human intervention or tradtional “set threshold and see what happens” solutions can react.

“IBM Operations Analytics helped detect 100 percent of the major incidents that occurred, including silent failures, and helped us eliminate manual thresholds, which will result in a cost avoidance of USD300,000 annually.”
Chris Smith, Director, Tools and Automation, Consolidated Communications Holdings, Inc.

IBM Operations Analytics — Predictive Insights helps you:
Avoid outages to increase application availability and reduce service degradation.
Perform faster root cause analysis to isolate problems sooner.
Reduce operational costs without the need for complex service models or specialized skills.

We have partners and IBM analytics pre-sales specialists ready to demonstrate this solution to Service Providers in the UK; if you would like to see where this could mitigate outage risks in your business, get in touch. We’d love to help.