BYOD? Tick. Managing everything else? Uh oh.

With Apple’s latest announcements on the new iPhone 6 and Apple Watch, the mobility world is transforming at such a pace that most companies I talk to are scrambling on how to make everything mobile. From securing their corporate data on their employees devices to creating mobile-friendly apps, just about every organisation is busy creating a “mobile first” strategy.

Closer to home, IBM has gone through this exact same thing. We rolled out the market-leading mobile device management solution called Fiberlink MaaS360. The roll-out was so fast and sharp that within the first 30 days we had over 70,000 devices managed and secured. Secure Browser, Secure App Store and much more; (

However, one basic thing organisations still lack; how do you manage the rest of your IT environment? How do you discover all your devices regardless of location or operating system in 1 single console at lightning speed even in this mobile first era?

With IBM Endpoint Manager (fka BigFix), IBM manages over half a million devices all over the world (servers, clients etc). IBM Endpoint Manager has the ability to increase first-pass patch rates across an IT estate quicker than any other solution. With patented technology, we have the ability to scale to tens and hundreds of thousands of managed devices from 1 single management server.

Most companies have huge overheads on patching servers (Windows, Linux, Mac Servers). For example; downtime, confirmation that a patch has completed, rolling-back when not completed properly as well as additional FTE costs associated. Why not use IBM Endpoint Manager for Servers to cut some of these costs down dramatically?

Benefits to you & your customers?
- Reduces the costs of managing your infrastructure considerably
- Consolidates an average of 7–10 software agents per laptop/PC
- Real-time view of your software license usage so you can work out where savings can be made
- Reduces the impact on your network as well as on each device

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