CNA Week 8 (politics)

Trump Defends Killing Off Obamacare Subsidies; 18 States Sue in Uphill Battle

18 states are attempting to sue Trump for taking out a key component of Obama care. The 18 states said they were affected by the removal of subsidies and won’t have insurance for lower class people. They wished he gave them more notice before removing the part. Trump has been noted on saying that he plans to take it away piece by piece.

Sen. Ron Johnson says he’s working with House members on another health care plan

Senator Ron Johnson has proclaimed that he is working with members of the house on a replacement or alternative health care plan. Johnson knows this is a difficult task but he is up to the challenge. Johnson was motivated by the recent removal of subsidies from insurance companies that trump took away from Obama care.

Economic confidence is good, but it just hit a new low for the Trump era

Overall, the majority of the public have had a positive view of the economy since President Donald Trump’s election. A report from called Gallup Daily shows this might be changing however. The report unveils that confidence in the economy has hit all time low for Trump’s presidency in October. There is of course still plenty of hope and optimism, as it does’t mean that Trump won’t be able to bounce back