Guide How to Use Just Cloak It and Setup Justcloakit Cloaking Software

If you’re a Adwords or Ads marketer, you’ve probably wondered if you should try to hide your original Justcloakit link from your future customers. Hello guys welcome to blackhatworldexpert my name is Jesan and today we will talk about justcloakit like how it works and what are the basic requirement for just cloak it to work effectively for anyone who is watching this video

How to Use Justcloakit Click My Youtube Link

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What is Link Justcloakit ?

Link Justcloakit is the method that many affiliate marketers use to hide a long, nasty URL link and turn it into a shorter, more memorable link. The purpose of link cloaking is to turn long, robot-generated URLs into people-friendly URLs that accurately describe what the link is about.

This simple trick works by using a simple URL redirection from your pretty link on a domain that you own to a nasty affiliate link that will earn you money.

They both go to my Justcloakit link for Bluehost, and I’ll get paid a commission through each one for each successful signup, but which one looks less sketchy? Which link looks like might contain a virus or unclear content?

Bloggers use tools to cloak and hide their super long Justcloakit affiliate links for many reasons, and before you decide to follow along, make sure you’re armed with the right information!

Reasons to Hide your Affiliate Justcloakit Links

Cloaked links look better Justcloakit

Not only will looking better increase the trust of the link… it will also increase the click-through-rate (CTR) of that link. When I look at a nasty string of characters behind a website that I trust, even though I trust the root domain, I’m a little turned off by what’s following it. This reduces trust. Also, I rarely click on nasty links for the same reasons. So increase your trust to increase your clicks. Plus it looks more professional!

How to Use Justcloakit Click My Youtube Link

If you’re starting or have already started a blog, you know the super important ability to track basically everything. With link cloaking, you can track clicks, unique IPs, and even sales if you set it up correctly. For example, I could tell which blog post is getting the most Justcloakit signups from my dashboard if I wanted to. Maybe another blog post needs some more care and more content to start earning more.

The ability to say a link out loud can actually get you more affiliate signups, which means more income… right? Because someone can say it outloud, they’re also more likely to remember the link. Next time I need to register a domain, I’ll just check out to support my favorite money-earning blog!

Including affiliate links in your emails will often trigger spam and promotion traps that prevent your awesome email from getting to the main inbox of your email subscribers. Using a prettier and more trustworthy link, your email is more likely to get a home run and actually be opened. More opened emails usually means higher profits!

Using a pretty link also means the link will probably be shorter. Since your affiliate link is shorter, it’ll also be easier to copy and paste when the time comes. Whether you’re the one copy and pasting it around your website, or you have an awesome reader who wants to mess with it… having a cloaked link will make this process easier.

There have been times in the past where companies rebranded and completely changed their URL. There have also been times where a product has changed the associated link, whether that be changing the name, or a number in the link. If your affiliate URL link changes… even if it’s just one letter — you have to go through all of your pages, email funnels, and Youtube videos to search for that old link and replace it with the new one.

However, if you set up your cloaked URL with a plugin like the one I use, you can change the link within 30 seconds.

In the example above, you could very clearly see the “practicalpsychology” username that I signed up to the service with. What if I had used my real name? To hide this and add a screen of privacy, you can hide your URL behind something more convenient.

It’s been studied in a few projects that Google doesn’t really like it when blogs use massive amounts of Justcloakit links. Well, when you cloak your links, it just looks like you’re linking to your own website a few different times. A bunch of ads and affiliate links on a page is a low-quality indicator to Google, and you can protect yourself from seeming low-quality by cleaning up your genius affiliate links.

Commission Hijacking occurs when spyware or a virus on a consumer’s computer will replace your affiliate link with the affiliate link of the hijacker. This means even though you encouraged the user to check out a product and they clicked your link, the hijacker will get credited the affiliate commission.

There are browser extensions that are designed to find advertisements and affiliate links and remove them from the user experience. If you use your own links, it will be very difficult for these ad blockers to find and remove your cloaked affiliate links… increasing the chance a reader will click and eventually buy.

How to Cloak your link Justcloakit

Pretty Links WordPress plugin

This is a plugin that will cloak your links automatically. I use and love this plugin because it has a few very useful features. For one, you can track clicks to the link. Secondly, you can also change the links at anytime… they’re not permanent. Third, you can add notes about your link. For example, I have $65 as a note because that’s how much I should get paid for each successful sign up.

Check out the Just cloak it prettylinks plugin, or the paid version (which has a ton of benefits and costs $57/year)

This plugin is recommended if you don’t want to mess with anything on your back-end to try and create a cloaked link. Instead, just install this free plugin and do it within your WordPress dashboard!

Easy Affiliate Links is another very simple link cloaking plugin. Not much to explain here, but I wanted to share an alternative to the plugin I use.

The benefit of this method is that instead of loading the whole WordPress core, your server will redirect faster. Sometimes this can save a second or two on the loading time of the redirection to your affiliate URL. The downside is that this takes more technical knowledge and you must edit some server files.

Here’s a simple tutorial (I got this method from Yoast and Just cloak it)

1) Create a folder within your server directory named “/out/” or “/go/”. You can change this to whatever, but these two are the most common.

2) Block the folder from indexing by adding this line to your robots.txt file:

Disallow: /out/ (change “out” to “go” or what you named the first folder)

This will prevent search engines and robots from trying to actually use these redirections.

3) Create a simple script to start the redirection process by creating these 3 files (click to download from Yoast and Just cloak it):

Index.php: This just performs a basic 302 redirect. Redirects.txt: In this file, you’ll include the url you want to do the redirection, and where you want to redirect it to… separated by a comma..htaccess: This allows you to make your outbound URLs look prettier and use an actual link.

Just cloak it

Of course, if you are really desperate, or don’t use WordPress… you can use a link-shortening service like or

Just cloak it and allow you to track your clicks by location, demographics and where they came from, which is very useful. The downside of using is that so many people know about the service, you can’t trust that the link you’re Justcloakit clicking on is always safe… or what you think it is.

There are tons of benefits of cloaking your URL, even if you’re not using it for affiliate links. Be sure to weigh your pros and cons before deciding, and also which method you’ll use because changing them in the future could be very time-intensive and costly.

If you have any questions or suggestions for this blog post, feel free to leave a comment below!

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