Fight the Good Fight

“We must fight the good fight, become greater, serve the whole.”

I don’t mind telling you, this was a difficult week for me in our movement. Last week, in the span of a few hours, Senate Republicans manipulated the rules to install an extremist to the Supreme Court; and the President launched airstrikes which stand to escalate the conflict in Syria — all while the administration continues to coldly turn away refugees fleeing the carnage.

For those of us who remember the lead-up to the Iraq War, particularly the gleeful cheerleading of the mainstream press, this weekend delivered a sickening dose of deja vu when the top 5 major newspapers published 18 opinion pieces praising the airstrikes — with not a single voice dissenting.

When moments like these start piling up, you feel the weight of our fight on your shoulders and wonder if we really can turn this around. Is it even possible to transform Congress and save our democracy? This is a pretty tall order we’ve given ourselves.

But then, we received a beautiful letter from one of our supporters. Harold wrote “We must fight the good fight, become greater, serve the whole.”

I was so moved by his words, we asked his permission to share an excerpt of his letter with you, and he graciously agreed:

“Most of us, Republican or Democrat, feel sympathy and compassion for the disadvantaged. However, feeling sorry and not actively engaged to change the sick social order that we have taken for granted will not produce any improvements in our lives. We should demand accountability and social responsibility from every local, state and federal politicians. We also strongly demand that they are to work for all the people and not just to the wealthy class and the lobbyists they hire.”
— Harold D., Justice Democrats Supporter

Harold reminded me that I do not have the luxury of feeling defeated. Not even for a moment. He reminded me that we will win the fight for justice, because we must. Despair is not an option.

If the events of the last week have left you feeling weighed down as they have me, I hope Harold’s words will inspire you to rise up, become greater, and join us in our quest to create a government that truly serves us. Each of us must, in our own way, be working for something bigger than ourselves.

There are thousands more like Harold out there. We know you are busy. We know you have limited time, limited funds. But you support us all the same. You believe in our vision of a government that works for people again.

We are grateful for Harold and for all of you. Without you, we’ve lost the battle before we’ve begun. You give us power, and we are determined to make all our voices heard in Washington.

Thank you for being on this journey with us.

In solidarity,

Cory Archibald
Justice Democrats Communications Team Volunteer