How do you like your eggs?
Christiana White

And just as the food industry misled us with eating low fat foods (which actually increased heart disease), now they’re taking us down the path of sugar free and gluten free.
Your father, it seems from your article, used his body for working hard- and was still “overweight”… And the gurus tell us: exercise more to lose weight. It’s all a lie- and it makes us hate our bodies for betraying us, when eating is not the source of extra pounds. It’s a combination of factors, including genetics, epi-genetics, and STRESS. 
Bottom line- accept yourself the way you are, learn about what you want (how you want your eggs cooked). Feel that you deserve to ask for what you want, although you may not always get it. Be gentle with yourself (and others), and work on keeping yourself grateful and happy whenever possible. That way you life, no matter how long or short will be a good one.