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I have not read the book. But I have read PLENTY of books, articles and heard speakers talk about dieting and weight loss. It seems that this is just a different version of blaming a fat person and considering that becoming fat is a character flaw. It sounds like Williamson and those other Diet Gurus believe that staying fat is a choice that declares that you are lazy, have no will-power, and in Williamson’s case, you don’t love or care about yourself enough.

I KNOW that these are all ploys to convince us that we all must have a thin body to be a person who has self-control and self-love. Only a thin person is to be held with esteem. It’s a bunch of crap.

But the general population wants to believe it, despite unbiased evidence that shows that maintaining weight loss is next to impossible. Is it possible that 95–98% of the population lacks will power? No! They are simply unable to fight nature’s prime directive to prevent the body from dying from starvation. It is those laws that slow the metabolism even after the diet is over (for years, and sometimes permanently) to assure the body will regain lost weight.

There are some people who won the metabolism lottery and can eat like Sumo Wrestler’s with no weight gain and don’t see their own luck. Diet Gurus would prefer to blame those who lost the lottery for failure as a human being as evidenced in their fat body.

Perhaps if Williamson read the ACE Study which shows that for many obesity is not inextricably related to childhood abuse up to the age of 6 (!) she would be more loving and less judgmental about what actually creates a fat body. And that’s just one reason that many people become and stay overweight despite their will-power and exercise.

It’s shameful that thin people take such glee in denegrating people with more weight that them. It shows their ignorance and prejudice.


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Author & chief myth-buster of diet/weight issues; Mind/Heart/Body counselor — yoga teacher

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