Searching for the Causes of Cancer
Dr. Jason Fung

I particulary like the author’s reference to obesity research. There is hardly any being done considering that millions more people are diagnosed with obesity than cancer! For instance, why is it that some people can eat anything and any amount and NOT gain weight? 
And the fact is, the “eat less and exercise more” are temporary solutions for weight loss. Within 2 months to 5 years, the weight loss is reversed for 95% of the population when they regain all the weight, plus additional pounds, and yo-yo upwards with each diet attempt. This is ridiculous to believe that 95% of the population has no will power to maintain healthy eating habits. 
Let’s do REAL research that is not funded by the diet industry that has a complete conflict of interest with blaming overweight people and sending them back to try another useless diet that will just enrich diet gurus and make the rest of the population fatter and miserable.

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