Russiagate Is Bullshit, And We Fucking Told You So
Caitlin Johnstone

If you want to see even more evidence that Russia is NOT involved in US elections, all you have to do is see what happened in the special election in Georgia (NOT Soviet Georgia) this month. You’ll never see this on corporate media. Here’s what Election Integrity Investigators have to say about it:

June 26, 2017

Georgia State Election Board 214 State Capitol
 Atlanta, GA 30334

Cobb County Board of Elections and Registration 736 Whitlock Ave NW #400 Marietta, GA 30064

Dekalb County Board of Registration and Elections 4380 Memorial Drive, Suite 300 Decatur, GA 30032

Fulton County Board of Registration and Elections 130 Peachtree St
 Suite 2186 Atlanta, GA 30303

RE: Grave Concerns about the integrity of GA6 Special Runoff Election Dear Election Board Members:

We the undersigned public advocates for accurate and transparent elections are writing to alert you to early indications that hacking or other tampering may have altered the results of the Sixth District Special Election Runoff held on June 20, 2017.

As you are aware, the majority of votes in the District are cast on direct record electronic (DRE) voting machines that produce no paper record. Therefore, the presence of statistical anomalies is key in assessing the accuracy of election results. Statistical review by qualified analysts has only begun, but red flags are already apparent.

The only verifiable votes cast in Georgia are the absentee mail-in ballots. Mail-in voters constitute a discrete subset of the total electorate for each election, and official records reveal a consistent pattern of mail-in voter partisanship in GA6. Historically and consistently, Republican voters (i.e., those casting their vote for the Republican candidate) in GA6 are more likely to vote by mail than are Democratic voters. In any given election, therefore, percentages for Republican candidates would be expected to be higher among mail-in voters than among the electorate as a whole.

However, in the Special Runoff Election, exactly the opposite occurred. The numbers weren’t even close, with the Democratic candidate winning the absentee votes 64% to 36%, while reportedly losing the election 48% to 52%. The data, both historical and current, is a matter of public record.

Again, this glaring disparity is especially significant because the votes cast on mail-in ballots are the only votes that can be verified. This means they can be recounted if any doubt exists as to their veracity. It also means mail-in votes are less likely to be tampered with, because:

a) tampering would be much easier to detect, and

b) mail-in votes make up such a small percentage of the total vote (just over 10% in this election) that tampering with them would, given the far greater risk factor, be neither a necessary nor desirable way to alter the results of an election.

When combined with known vulnerabilities of the systems in use, the known extended exposure of key election data stored in the Center for Elections’ (CES) website at Kennesaw State University, and numerous tracking polls, emerging statistical patterns indicate a strong likelihood that the outcome of the Special Runoff Election was altered.

In other words, the candidate for whom the most voters cast their ballots may have been declared the loser of the Special Runoff Election.

Please understand that we are not claiming that the information in this letter proves either that the election results were tampered with or that they are inaccurate. DRE technology does not produce such proof. It also, notably, does not produce proof that the election results were not tampered with or are accurate. This is precisely why DRE voting systems should be banned from use in U.S. elections.

The information does, however, provide significant evidence that it is highly likely the unofficial results of the Special Runoff Election are incorrect, to the point that the election outcome appears to have been affected.

We declare that based on the above information, there is no basis for public confidence in the election results of the GA6 Special Runoff Election. Should you continue to stand by the reported results, we call upon you to prove to Georgia’s voters that the reported results are a true and accurate measure of the votes cast by the voters of Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District.


Jan BenDor
 Statewide Coordinator
 Michigan Election Reform Alliance

John Brakey
 Executive Director and Co-founder
 Americans United for Democracy Integrity & Transparency (AUDIT-Arizona)

Dr. Lora Chamberlain
 Organizer, Clean Count Cook County

Mike Farb Unhack the Vote

Bob Fitrakis, PhD, JD
 Fellow, Columbus Institute of Contemporary Journalism
 Professor of Political Science, Columbus State Community College

GA6 Special Election Concerns — 2

Bev Harris

Phyllis Huster Ladies of Liberty

Mimi Kennedy
 Advisory Board Chair
 Progressive Democrats of America

Ray Lutz
 Citizens’ Oversight Projects

Mark Crispin Miller
 Professor of Media, Culture & Communication New York University

Dr. Laura Pressley, Ph.D. Founder
 Save Our Texas Vote Coalition

George Ripley Director
 Focus on Democracy

Jonathan D. Simon
 Author, CODE RED: Computerized Election Theft in the New American Century

Jim Soper
 Co-Chair, Voting Rights Task Force Author,

Paul Thomas Co-founder
 Election Justice USA

Harvey Wasserman
 The Strip & Flip Disaster of America’s Stolen Elections: Five Jim Crows & Electronic Election Theft

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