Balance. We all seek it. We all know it’s the one way to live our lives so that we can be the best and greatest version of ourselves. Balance of our work lives with our personal lives. Balance in our diet. Balance. We each have emotions, thoughts, and physical needs that all must stay in balance, but do we think about the balance of our hearts?

Our souls balance?

All of us have a purpose. A purpose that is grater then ourselves and the point of our human experience is to find or rather remember that purpose. The illusion we are pushing to break free of tells us that once we obtain certain things, certain goals, that we will be in balance. That we will feel complete and whole and in balance with life if only we get to that goal.

While spending time in North Dakota at Standing Rock I witnessed a community has been formed, it’s growth and change daily. Balance was there because each person that came is part of a greater purpose. Each person there has a story. A part of history that must be shared. I discovered that in native culture, history as well as ceremony, is shared or handed down to the next generation verbally and visually in order for those stories to become part of the next generation and to be continued through them. This is so very important because each time a story or ceremony is shared it will change ever so slightly because these beautiful souls understand that nothing stays the same. That change is a constant and that even in the telling of history the outline is the same, but in the telling it’s fluid and moves just like water itself.

After being there, immersed in the community, it is clear that in order to find balance within our soul we must go back to our roots, our own natural ways that work in harmony with the Earth. We must understand each others history, hear each other’s stories. Know the stories of our elders, of the ones who walked this great Earth before us and respect the information shared and re-weave this lost history into our everyday lives. Balance will be had once we are able to look past the illusion of love and happiness being outside of ourselves and understand it can only be found within us. That balance will be had after we take the time to understand the past, even the darkest and most evil parts of our past, along with the simple beauty of daily connected living.

Balance. Balance of our individual selves brings balance to the whole of humanity. Truth no matter how difficult to hear, must be heard so that we all can hold each other’s hands and hearts together as we rewrite the next chapters of stories, of history, that is bringing balance to us all. Respect of the old ways of sharing history and reworking this way of sharing back into each of our daily lives. Taking the time with each other to share our day, our stories, our experiences, our feelings. What we learn is key to rewriting history and bringing balance to us all. This is how we bring balance to our soul. Heart communication directly with each other is the path I saw at Standing Rock and it’s the path that’s moving closer everyday to each and everyone of us all over this beautiful planet we call home.

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