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First of all, I was not stating the church was unaware of the scriptures but however, what I am stating is that if a church is a church…it should be a church.

For example: if someone tells me they are an apple tree but they are only growing pears. Then they are not an apple tree.

Churches seem to fail these days in helping one another. If someone says “ma’am, can I have a dollar so I can try to eat?” I’m not going to give them a dollar but what I will do is buy them a meal. Sadly, people think of these people as drug addicts or worse. Which I will agree that majority of them might be but who am I to judge someone who is thankful for a hot meal.

Recently, I had a friend call 24 churches asking for help in food. Her bills were paid but she needed only help with a week of food. Can you believe not one church offered to just go get a loaf of bread for her? Do you not find something wrong in that?

I do! I believe there is something very wrong in that picture. The churches are so busy making their buildings fancy and big. The outside is looking great but the inside its still dead.

Churches have become like those hollow chocolate Easter bunnies you buy. You crave what the outer looks like but once you bite down that’s all you get. Just a hollow shell.

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