48 Laws Of Power Through The Eyes Of A Strength Coach #4

Law # 7

“Get Others To Do The Work For You, But Always Take The Credit”

Now this law at face value may come off as malicious and it can be taken that way if it is looked at from face value. This law is great when it comes to a team attitude. Everyone has their strengths and their weaknesses. There is nothing wrong with hiring others to do aspects of a project that you can not do on your own.

First and foremost form a protection of property aspect it is important to understand that credit for projects, products, programs, training philosophy is just as important if not more important then the creation itself. You must guard it with vigilance and ruthlessness.

This law doesn’t really apply to athletes. Athletes need to be good at what they do or they will be looked over, however strength coaches often will create products and other programs that they need someone to add their own talents to. Or you may be asked to add your talent to a different product.

Others may feel the need to jump on the project and make it their own or steal the idea. The point is to hire others to take parts of the workload if you can not do it on your own but at the same time it is important to understand that they may want to steal the creation so be vigilant in the protection of your own creation.

Bringing up previous laws it is important to never take credit away from those above your station. Concede credit to the master because you do not want to be let loose and lose your current standing.

Law # 8

“Make Other People Come To You, Use Bait If Necessary”

This law is directly effective to those who use strategy in there competitions. It is important to get your opponent to make the first move. You need to make them feel like they have power and control only to attack once they take the first step.

Trick them into moving into your trap. For example. If you want your opponent to step left on the field then fake right. Let them make the mistake first.

Never be aggressive in your decision making, be effective. When you allow emotion to control your decisions you end up losing control of situations and play right into the opponent or competitions hand.

Making your opponent or competition make the first move is a great way to allow them to exhaust their energy and resources faster.

The only reversal to this rule is if you are on the attack with your opponent being blind to said attack, this will force your competition to bend to your will and act on your terms. For example a corner blitz on the football field.