The image of today’s saggy-pants-wearing youth is no longer one of rebellion, but a type of choiceless buy-in to a grotesque and glorified culture of manhood perpetuated by mainstream hip-hop, the prison industrial complex, and negligent public policy.
Black Dandyism Is Back, and It’s Both Oppositional Fashion and Therapy at Once
Shantrelle P. Lewis

Well said! Great article. I hope the dapper/dandyism movement continues. Dressing better makes you feel better, feeling better makes you want to do great things and so on! A general human tendency. Thank you for writing your post and thank you to the men or women behind(or in front of) the men who started this movement. We’re making strides to become one nation.👍🏽😎Can’t let any media garbage mess it up. That’s just the devil’s work otherwise.👹

Really though, the gangbanger outfits whether you’re black or white or Hispanic, come on. It makes others uncomfortable and is a terrible look. Would gangbangers still exist if gangbangin outfits didn’t exist?

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