A Wonderful Opportunity to Learn Google AI and Machine Learning for Free

Google is now offering a great opportunity to Googlers. Yes! the Giant has introduced ‘Learn Google AI’. You could find it on google.ai for free.

Google has equipped the platform with a set of educational resources developed by machine learning experts in order to help people learn concepts and to develop skills.

The ultimate goal of this effort is to guide people with concepts that improve their skills to handle problems in real life.

How It Works?

Once you enter the page, you will find utilities that mention whether you are a code learner or a seasoned machine learning practitioner. You will find information and activities in the resource center that help you to develop your skills and advance your projects.

The new machine learning crash course provides a quick start to the practical ML concepts involving high-level TensorFlow(TF) APIs. The TensorFlow is an open source library from Google for machine learning tools. It allows access to anyone to build AI and machine learning frameworks that fit their problem.

Machine language is the building block for artificial intelligence. Products like Google photos, Google Translate, Google assistant etc., rely on aspects of machine learning to perform tasks.

How It Helps Googlers?

Around 20,000 Googlers have enrolled in MLCC, applying lessons from the course to enhance camera calibrations for daydream services, build a virtual reality for Google Earth and improve streaming quality on YouTube.

The ‘Learn with Google AI’ provides exercises, interactive visualizations, and modules. Provided the course also offers instructional videos that help learners with better understanding.

The course runs for a period of 15hours with 40 exercises included. The Search Giant has also stated that the education team has developed the fast-paced, practical introduction to Machine Language fundamentals for Googlers.

Update From Google:

Recent updates have claimed that the tech giant has recently launched an artificial research center in China. This research team is the first of a kind and operates in the existing office in Beijing.

Chinese policymakers have shown a strong support towards artificial intelligence research and development in the country. Though Google’s search engine is banned in Chinese market along with all of its services.